BBQ Tools of the trade

HBT Custom Smoker
HBT Custom Smoker

So one of my favorite hobbies is BBQ. I always liked BBQ and when I would go to places like Outback and Chili’s and eat their BBQ, I thought I was getting good BBQ.. well that’s not really the case.  I have eaten at BBQ restaurants and had some pretty good Q but I don’t think any of them compare to your own home made BBQ.  Once you learn the tips and tricks to making good Q, you will throw rocks at everyone else. Continue reading “BBQ Tools of the trade”


Well I got bored and decided its time to restart the blog site. I get the urge to put things down now and then and don’t always want to put it out there on Facebook because most of those people don’t really care anyway. I figure if you come to this website to see what I have to say then you must give a damn.

I am growing weary of the garbage on Facebook as well.. It seems that everything on there ends up in arguments. You can post an opinion without a handful of people telling you that you are wrong and in many cases in a not so friendly way.  Facebook itself has become more and more difficult to stomach simply because its owned and operated by a bunch of liberals.  Anyway, I will be posting more things on here and sharing them to Facebook and other social media places I guess.. at least until I get bored with this again..