BBQ Tools of the trade

HBT Custom Smoker
HBT Custom Smoker

So one of my favorite hobbies is BBQ. I always liked BBQ and when I would go to places like Outback and Chili’s and eat their BBQ, I thought I was getting good BBQ.. well that’s not really the case.  I have eaten at BBQ restaurants and had some pretty good Q but I don’t think any of them compare to your own home made BBQ.  Once you learn the tips and tricks to making good Q, you will throw rocks at everyone else.

Old Country Pecos
Old Country Pecos (Academy Sports)

Well the first smoker I got was from a friend for $50. It was a brinks offset cheapo smoker but it would make smoke and put it on the meat.

I joined several online BBQ groups and started learning lots of really good information from many of the top names in the world of making BBQ. Watching Youtube videos was also a great resource for learning.. I have since moved on up..  I ave had several offset smokers and propane smokers.  I have no real preference as far as for taste. Offset smoking is oldschool and you get to put more time into your cooking which usually means drinking some beers and hanging out with friends.

I currently still use my Old Country Pecos and My HBT Deluxe Custom. I like them both for different reasons.. one is great for large cooks and the other is good for small cooks and easier to manage. I would suggest either one to anyone.. below are some videos of my reviews of them.